Eazyfill Your
Gardening Assistant

8 x T joints, 8 x White tubes
4 x Black tubes, 1 x Eazyfill bag,
4 x Pre-attached elasticated restraints

Only £29.99 RRP (+£3 P&P)

Online Tutorial

Get your very own gardening assistant with EazyFill.

The easy to assemble frame uses elasticated restraints to hold the bag in place, making it convenient and easy to use for your gardening waste. Just undo the restraints and you are good to go as the bag is very easy to load and transport and just as easy to store. Try it yourself!

No Heavy Items Sands, Soil, Rubble.

Assemble in 4 easy steps:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

1. Holding the green T-joint in one hand (lug to the outside), and fully insert a black upright. Repeat this on all black uprights (8 times in total).

2. Holding a green T-joint in one hand, fully insert all white elements to create the circular base of your EazyFill (ensure that all T-joints lugs are all on the outside). Repeat the above step to create the top of your EazyFill. You will now have the frame of your EazyFill assembled.

3. Insert yout EazyFill bag into the centre of the frame and affix the elasticated restraints to the T- joint on the base of your EazyFill frame (4 times in total).

4. Your EazyFill is now ready to use.
But remember Ö donít overload of fill with heavy items like rubble or soil as this will make your EazyFill difficult to lift and transport.
Happy Gardening!